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Specializing in Private and Personalized Tours in Pingyao & Shanxi
Travel with us ,Discovery the beauty of Pingyao and Shanxi

All of guides and drivers from the local, so you do not need to worry about the things you do not know in Shanxi. you can send the any questions about Shanxi even you did not book with us finally. We would be happy to provide consulting services for you.

All of tours are private tour with the good price and local price. Only you and your family. We do not put anyone you do not know in your tour.

Our guides and drivers always give you the good recommendation of the hotel, restaurant, and tourist sightseeing.

The price of the tour and guide, we will talk and fix before you coming. You do not need worry that we will charge you more upon arrival. NO HIDDEN FEE! Our quotation will indicate the inclusions and exclusions very clearly.

Pingyao Travel Guide founded in 2005 by Jonathan Zhang who is the pingyao private english speaking guide for the foreign tourists from all of the world. He explained the history of Shanxi and provided the booking services for over 5000 tourists and get very good reviews recently in tripadvisor, and other good reviews on the paper. Now we have 6 guides ,Chinese speaking, English speaking and French Speaking.
We still focus on the Shanxi tour service, especially private tours and guide service to help the western tourists to understand and learn the knowledge about Pingyao even Shanxi province. We know traveling is very expensive and cost much more time to preparing the trip, you would like to spend limited

time to see the sights and know the history of the sights as more as you like. So our services are your good choice. Because of we are the local guide, we know the more details and road direction, which sights are worth to see etc.

Booking the tour with us, you will save your money, time and know the a lot of history that you can not find from internet, guide books.
One of our services will fit your requirement.
We accept the last minutes booking, you can use the WhatsApp or Wechat to send the message after you made the decision .

Payment is very easy, we accept the Paypal and others, like cash payment to our staff.

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We accept the last minutes booking!

Dear Jonathan,
Now that the jet lag has dissipated, we want to thank you again for the wonderful tour you organized for us during our recent visit to China. I must say that when planning this tour with me, you showed the utmost in patience with my many questions, suggestions, and changes. You responded to all questions and requests in a timely manner. Using your first hand knowledge of the many available sites, you helped us to utilize the time we had wisely. I also appreciated the clear breakdown of the costs involved in the tour.

We very much enjoyed the many places we visited, and were impressed by your knowledge and the stories you shared. All of the hotels you chose were terrific, but we will always remember the stay at the Pingyao Yide Hotel. I was amazed that a traditional brick and stone bed could be so comfortable. Also, staying in an almost 300 year old banker’s home added much to our appreciation and enjoyment of the history of Pingyao. Our tour of Pingyao covered many amazing buildings and museums, and with your experience, the history came alive. We also very much enjoyed our visits to the Jinci Temple, the Wang Family Compound, and the Zhangbi Fortress, and have recommended visits to these sites to our Chinese friends.

The time spent driving and riding the train in Shanxi showed us how beautiful the province is, and how rich the area is in coal resources. I doubt I have ever seen such a high concentration of coal trucks, coal piles, and coal-fueled power plants. Fortunately, we had blue-sky days during our trip and we got to see Shanxi at its best.

The Shanxi Museum in Taiyuan was excellent. Our experience with the various provincial museums we have seen has always been very good, and I highly recommend them during China visits.

Finally, thank you for encouraging me to include Datong in our itinerary. The Datong Garden Hotel is an excellent international hotel with 5-star service. The Hanging Monastery was an experience that we will never forget. These old buildings, hanging off the face of an almost vertical side of a mountain, are a true tribute to the engineering skills and the perseverance of construction personnel of that era. Equally memorable was our visit to the Yungang Grotto site to visit some of the 51,000 stone carvings. The carvings we saw were amazing, and even more so when you consider their age. Fortunately the construction did not complicate our visit, but it made us anxious to return in the future to see the new museum.

Many of our Chinese friends were astounded that we visited Shanxi, but with your guidance, we had no problems getting around. We have shared your contact information with them, in case they, or other visitors, wish to find a tour guide. Your English skills allowed us to learn much more about the sites than if we had attempted to tour on our own. You were highly professional in every interaction. Thank you for suggesting picture locations and taking pictures of us, as we now have many good pictures with both of us in them. Thank you for choosing professional and friendly drivers, with whom we felt comfortable. Most of all, thank you for the many memories we will carry for the rest of our lives.

I am attaching one of the pictures that we took at the end of the tour. It's not perfect, but the best I have of the three of us. Enjoy!

We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in future visits.

Judy and Lee Stern