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There are so many guide books about Pingyao, Datong and Shanxi for the travelers. You probably will ask why I need a Local tour guide,the guide book will be helpful. Actually only a few pages, as some tourists said. So our products will help you make the Shanxi tour very perfecter and much more fantastic.

-With the local guide to see The Real Shanxi
As a local people, we well know the secrets of our city and hidden places to see.Like local people’s life and local schools or more local things. Maybe we can join-in the local wedding celebration to enjoy if we meet someone’s wedding day. you could be exciting to understand the local wedding culturale. We can take you to see the real treasures of Shanxi and keep you away from tourist traps. For example.If we have enough time in Datong,we can take you to see the remains of the Great wall and the villages in Datong.

-Take personalized suggestion to make your tour impressively and perfect
Guide books can only give general information and suggestion, while we can give advice according to your specific requirements and particular interestes. Even before you reach in Shanxi. We provide the free consulting service to you. Just email to us.

-Updated information about the local.
There are so many changes happened in each destination, like the bus station, train tikcet policy,and the sights is opend to see or not. Because of sometime the sights is renovating while you are going to see.

-Tailor-made itinerary and Packaged tour
Tell us what tourist sights you really want to see. we can help you make a tailor-made itinerary according to your specific requirements and particular interests. We will provide the quotation until you are satisfy with the itineray and arrangment. So you will save money ,time and got much historical and local information We have enough patience.

-Do not waste your time on the shopping
Our guide do not waste your time on the shopping. Our guide always give you the free time for you in the shopping street and relaxing time, If you tell our guide what you want and prefer, they will show you the fair priced shop to find something you would like.

-Meals and Restaurnat
About the meals and restaurnat during the tour, We really know it is the best way to understand the local food culture, so our guide will recommend the good, clean, and resonable price restaurnat to eat. And we also provide the noodle making lesson and dumpling making lesson.

-Maximum Flexibility and personel safty
Whatever you take the private car or pubic transportation like local bus or train.our guide aslo can go with you .but you need to pay their food ,stay ,and tickets of tranportation .On the way .the guide will give you some information about the places you passed .Maybe this is the good idea for you.So you do not worry you can not speak Chinese well.you got guide and translator.

-We are living for good Services and long business.
we know we are living for good Services and we hope you recommend us to your friends.

-Local Activity
After the tour,we still have some time,but only 2 or 3 hours.so we can take the following lessons or Services if you would like.
Special Lessons(Spend 1 or 2 hours)
Paper cutting lesson for children
Dumpling making lesson
Noodle making lesson

-Save money and time
with the local guide,you do not need to buy the local tourist book even the map ,arrange the tour by your self,under our help,you will save time,and then you will save money..because of our guide will show you a lot of good places to take photo.

-With us to see the interested but non-tourist’s sights
In the peak season or busy weekend ,we can arrange the interested ,but non –tourist’s sights for you ,just in case crowded.make your journey fun.

-Private Guide service in Shanxi
If you would not like to take the private the car and van ,just would like to take the pubic bus or train or plane between the destinations, becaue of you would like to have this experience,we also can provide the private tour guide service for you.Tell us which hotel your are going to stay and the date of your tour for each destination,our guide will help you fix all of things.