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Company:Pingyao Travel Guide(Red Plum Tour Service)
Add: No18,Kangnin Street, Pingyao
Website: www.pingyaotravelguide.com
Tel: 0086+158 3503 3730
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Name: Jonathan Zhang



1.Paypal (Recommended)

Using the paypal is safe and esay.

If you book the tour with us ,we request the deposit(How much deposit will depend the which tour you are going to book.)

If you would like to full pay, we will charge you 4% fee.

2. Cash
if you do not have a paypal account,and you are really coming to take our tour .so you can pay the money to our guide or driver.

There is the bank name (ICBC),you can use your card to get the cash from this ATM(it is located at outside of the Fenyi Men--Lower west gate or Northwest gate)

There is the bank named (Bank of China) which located in the downtown, you can use the ATM and Change the money there.

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