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Tour code: PY-01
Pingyao Highlights Walking Day Tour
With our guide to know the Ancient Pingyao better!
Our guide will meet you at your hotel lobby at 08:00 or 08:30, then show you the ticket office to get the ticket for the museums we will visit later.
First we will visit the 700 years old City wall, We will climb up from south gate and have a walk on the wall. We are not sure how many km we can walk, because of the renovating of the wall. Normally we will walk from south gate to the Yunlu Exit.
Then visit the Confucius temple, there is a old building named Dacheng Hall which is over 840 years old. From outside, we can see the big wood joints to lift the big roof around the building which is named Dougong. Due to this design, there are less columns inside the hall for giving the big space for the statues and the prayer. We have chance to see the Confucius statue and learn the philosophy of Confucius. If you like, you can pray for you and your children to get better study.
There is the Paper Cutting master named Wentao nearby the exit of Confucius temple. She is very smart and create the new style paper cutting with much more details and good wishes on it. Her products are made by hanks. It is worth to visit and buy as a souvenir from Pingyao. From the table standing and wall hangings. Please remember, take the red one because of red is the traditional and happy color. But the white one is the best. It is really difficult to choose, because of all of them are really nice.
Then you can have coffee break or tea break if you need at Chummy coffee, after this, visit the City god temple (ChenghuangMiao) which is most beautiful temple inside the wall. Because of the roof is covered by the colorful glazed tiles. There is not only city god and also the three money gods, Now you know why pingyao was the financial center.
Next we will visit the Ancient government building, to see the pingyao politics center in the ancient time. It is the complete building with officials bed room, kitchen and private garden. Follow the guide to look the official’s life from the 250km far away from the hometown.
Have a stroll in the alley to the Rishengchang exchange bank, which is the first bank all of china.You can not miss it.
After lunch, walk to the Ming and Qing street, this is the shopping street full of the stores on the both side of street. You can find alot things here , from post card to lacquered boxes, and wall panels. One more place to see, it is the Armed escort agency also named security and transport service for the business man before the bank founded.

Consulting & Booking Email: pingyaotravelguide@126.com

Tour code: PY-02
3 Hours Cycling Tour to Shuanglin Temple
Enjoy the different experience to see the Pingyao and the Shuanglin Temple
Our guide will meet you at your hotel lobby at 08:00 or 08:30, then show you the bicycle store to choose the bikes.
First, we will ride to the north gate, we will take the pictures of the wall from outside of the wall on the way, we will visit the farmers morning  market nearby the north gate. We will get into the old city from north gate, ride to the alleys to see the local residences which are occupied by the local people, our guide will explain the history of the building and carving.
Then we will ride to the Shuanglin temple which is about 8km far away from the old city, will spend 40 minutes on the riding. Shuanglin temple is listed by the UNESCO since from 1997. Because of the over 10,000 colorful buddha sculptures from Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is valuable to visit if you come to Pingyao. We will spend the 40 minutes to visit, to learn the history and philosophy of the Buddha.
20 minutes for the break, drinking some water and take the snacks.

Back to ancient city on the same way, we will visit the south gate park and square, ride along the moat, get into the old city from south gate, and return the bikes back to the store. We will finish the tour there.

Consulting & Booking Email: pingyaotravelguide@126.com

Tour code: PY-03

3 Hours Photo Taking Guided Tour by Cycling
(Let us go to different places easy and take the nice picture easy)

This is the special tour. As a local guide for 12years. We know where is the good angle you can take the nice pictures.

Pingyao is the small city, but there are a lot of the details inside the wall and outside the wall, even in the alleyway. Just like local people’s life, handicrafts making, Local Marriage and some snacks cooking, and other things you can not find in other big city.

Why we use the bicycle, because of it is flat area, We can ride very easy, and can ride to see many places quickly. And it is very interesting experience during the trip in Pingyao.